Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Comments for Zhubin Parang's article, "The Left Needs an Extreme Makeover"

Hi Melody,

I found a link to the F-Word from the Ms. site. I've been reading through the interviews and articles the past couple days and I have to congratulate you!! This is a great zine which speaks to the issues and concerns of young feminists everywhere. After reading a few articles, I'm all fired up.

Here are some of my thoughts to add to the pot, specifically in response to the article, "The Left Needs An Extreme Makeover" by Zhubin Parang.

What an important and complex topic...
My initial reaction was, "But it's not fair!! We shouldn't have to hide parts of our movement just to get on TV." Although I have been known to roll my eyes at "embarrassing" images of the left (ie old hippies; and gross, leathery, naked men), I also think it's important to remember that I'd rather have seemingly crazy, passionate supporters than none at all.

Maybe if John Kerry hadn't shied away from his hippie past and been brave enough to speak out against the war, we'd have a different president today. Let's move towards finding the unexpected things that we have in common with people rather than watering ourselves down in an attempt to blend in.


Ali Uscilka


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