Monday, June 13, 2005

Reactions to "On Virginity", by Kat Allen, Sexuality/Gender Section

Hey, all~

This promises to be a heavily discussed article... if you have anything to add to this, please email me something! :-)



First of all, the zine is great. Good job.
Second, is there a way to get in touch with Kat Allen? If not, can you pass along to her that I thought her article on virginity was excellent? I know exactly what she's going through, but I thought I was pretty much alone in this particular predicament.



I just found this e-zine through a women's studies community... and I LOVE it. These uncensored, frank discussions about sex and women are exactly what we need. I particularly enjoyed the article about Virginity, because it parallels what I have and am going through. Unlike the author, I went to public school where 'sex education' is mandatory. Only, I made it to about ninth grade before I found out, on my own and entirely by accident, the physical workings of sex. What does it say about our sex education system when a girl can have five years of sex ed and still not know the fundamental workings of sex? I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has been through this little 'discovery.' So thanks for publishing it. I really enjoyed reading.



I like your site and I enjoy trying to understand women (I know it's probably futile for me, but I enjoy trying). I really enjoyed the article "The Big V" under "Sexuality + Gender". I never realized how terribly uneducated some women are regarding the most basic mechanics of sex. I would have bet (and lost) that it simply wasn't possible that a woman could be in college in modern America and not realize the basic biologic function of male and female genitalia. It's simply amazing how we cripple women's education and then wonder why there isn't equality ...

I applaud your efforts ...



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