Monday, June 13, 2005

Reactions to Nina Lyons' piece "From Fecho to Feminist", Readers' Gallery

A bunch of people wrote in to rave about Nina Lyons! :-)



Just wanted to send a word of congrats to you for an AWESOME website! I've read a number of articles already, and I think they're great. I love the aesthetics, categories, everything. Great job all around! Plus, it goes without saying that Nina is ecstatic about the whole thing. Best of luck - and again, great work, Melody.


(editor’s note: Scott Lyons is Nina Lyons’ Dad… and he and Nina win the “dedicated F-WORD lovers” award! Those crazy kids traveled four hours to come out to the first F-WORD salon back in early May. :-)

I just read Nina Lyons’ article on Feminism. What a brilliant, funny, and insightful young woman. I wonder if her Uncle Mikey is as cool and handsome as I’ve heard.

In any case, thanks for creating this website and promoting these young writers. It makes me all the more hopeful for the future to know that so many of our teens are so engaged in the world around them and so enlightened. They’re years ahead of where my generation was at their age.


Mikey Lyons
Dear Editor,

Nina Lyons' piece on "fecho" feminists rocks (Readers' Gallery, May '05)!As a college professor who regularly encounters young fecho feminists and the men who love them, I am thrilled to see young women like Ms. Lyons identify and break through the formidable cultural barriers stacked up against proactive (versus fecho, reactive) feminists. Thanks, Ms. Lyons, for sharing your insight and wisdom. I'll share it in turn with my college students.

Tom Kerr

Ithaca College
Hey, Tom~

Thanks so much for writing! :-) Fess up now... do you work withNina's Dad? I believe you and Scott work at the same school... ;-)



Who's Scott? Okay, okay, but he works with my wife, Eileen Schell at Syracuse University . . . and lives one block over. Nina is my 3-yr-olddaughter's superstar friend. But the essay IS wonderful, and I should know, since I teach a writing course called Public Essay at IC. I will direct my holdout fechos to your site, of course.

Thanks for the new magazine and take care,